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Evans Group LLC

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About Us

Locomotive Modernization

Evans Group LLC can help modernize your locomotive fleet, using the latest in microprocessor and smart technology. From complete overhauls to fuel saving upgrades, Evans Group LLC can help you add years of life to your equipment assets minimizing costly downtime and maximizing performance.

Locomotive Procurement & Leasing

With business partners around the globe, Evans Group LLC can help you find the equipment you need and customize and lease or purchase to fit your budget.

Why Evans Group LLC?

With years of experience in the Locomotive industry, Evans Group LLC has a global network of contacts to get you the answers and equipment you need. We pride ourselves in treating our clients like family and personalized service is our specialty.


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Evans Group LLC

169 E. 99th St., #7, New York, NY 10029, US

(646) 423-5795